The FLM Group is on the leading edge of consultation and management services for real estate investors and developers.  FLM searches for distressed property assets that create wealth opportunities for investor(s) and exit strategies for financial institutions and/or property owners.  

First, we encourage investor(s) to contact us concerning opportunities in various properties. Investor portfolios’ are available to qualified individuals and/or groups. In addition to acquisition of properties, we are a conduit for maximum return on mineral rights for gas, oil and coal.

Second, We offer land man consulting to bring industry leaders in the oil and gas business to property owners that will make their property generate a cash return. Pipeline development is vital in the gas industry and our team is experienced in securing Right of Ways and bringing in investors to bring mineral potential to fruition.

Third, we welcome developers who can benefit from financial consulting, property management services, home construction, subdivision layouts, fresh new marketing strategies, infrastructure build-out, amenity planning and construction, and loans and general assistance with mountain lake and residential property development.  Coaching seminars are customized to address any or all of these services.

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